Joinery Services

Why settle for anything less than an expert joiner?

As well as assisting with locksmithing and ironmongery services our skilled team can also provide professional joinery services.
If you need assistance from skilled joiners at your home or business premises we are available to help out with a range of services supplied and installed at competitive prices.

Kitchen Design and Installation

If you are tired of your current kitchen layout and are thinking of updating its appearance and improving the functionality or making the most of your available space we have a host of options available. Below we have summarised some popular choices we frequently install for our customers.

Kitchen Units – We have a wide selection of units in contemporary and classic styles to suit any kitchen. Our professional team can recommend and install units to meet your requirements.

Kitchen Islands – Kitchen Islands are a great way to make use of the space in your kitchen and create a great focal point that is also practical for serving meals and dining. We can create and install bespoke kitchen islands to fit in with your existing kitchen décor and units.

Worktops – We have a range of wooden worktops available that are practical and great looking. Whether you prefer solid wood or laminate worktops we can recommend a great design to fit in with your kitchen.

If you know specifically what you are looking for or if you would like to discuss ideas and receive inspiration and advice Contact a member of our team today. We can advise the best products to help you get the most out of your kitchen and also provide quotes.

Need an experienced joiner for your home? Tel: 01782 575 434
Flooring Choices

Our team of joiners can install flooring for your home or commercial premises. The two main types of flooring we supply and install are laminate and wooden flooring which each have their own unique properties.

Laminate Flooring is a great value for money option. Laminate flooring has the appearance of traditional wooden flooring but is much cheaper than its counterpart. Although it doesn’t have quite the same feel as solid wooden flooring it is easy to clean and maintain and simple to replace if it becomes damaged or worn.

Wooden Flooring is available made from a choice of different woods including oak and mahogany and is instantly recognisable from its appearance and how it feels underfoot. Wooden flooring is much more robust than laminates and with proper maintenance and care can last for a lifetime. As it is better quality than laminates it does cost more but if it is maintained well it is unlikely to need repairs and can represent a substantial saving in the long run.

Door Design and Installation

We can supply and install wooden doors for external and internal use. We can recommend complimentary door types to match your existing interior style or if you have something specific in mind we can find doors that fit your exact requirements.

Whether you prefer contemporary or classic styles we can find a solution to match your budget expectations. If you would like to know more about our door design and fitting services please visit our showroom or Contact a member of our team today.